i2in Global Domain System

Established in 2004, i2in Ltd has provided bespoke development for many website platforms around the world and now operates as Frank Domains; providing domain name registration, management and DNS for almost every TLD in the world, currently across 4 languages.

The i2in team developed Frank Domains as a frank and straight-forward domain name system for business owners and web developers. Frank Domains currently has an international portal, as well as dedicated websites and support for New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

We provide one of the most extensive ranges of domain endings available on the internet, all at great prices with personal service and support. Our range of domains allows business owners and developers to quickly and inexpensively protect their brand or idea across Europe, Asia/Oceania, Africa and North/South America, all in one system. We also provide every new gtld available in the Latin alphabet like .guru, .berlin and .uno

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i2in are domain name experts

i2in have developed and operate on a daily basis the Frank Domains family of domain websites, servicing customers around the world with our dedicated domain offering and friendly advice from the developers behind the very site.


Domains are rapidly changing, it is not just about .com anymore. Throughout 2014, many new extensions are going live like .guru and .berlin, a full list of what domains are live and when other domains will be launching, please visit our new gTLD timeline.

Frank Domains around the world:

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